Commemorative D.C. Flag Program


Commemorative DC Flag Program

District residents have always loved their home town. Just in the past few years, however, the DC flag has truly soared as a symbol of that hometown pride.Now, you can show off that pride with a unique and powerful emblem of your love of the District—a flag that has flown at the John A. Wilson Building.Beginning on June 1, 2017, you can purchase a flag that has flown at the District’s city hall and statehouse. Flags can be requested via any Councilmembers’ office, or centrally via the Office of the Secretary, who will be administering the program. Flags will be accompanied by a certificate that authenticates the flag and indicates that it was flown at the Wilson Building.

About the Flag and the Wilson Building

DC’s flag has only been in use since 1938. The current flag was selected via a design competition, and is based on George Washington’s coat of arms.

From the Wilson (then District) Building’s inauguration in 1908 until 1964, the American flag flew over the building from a large flagpole on the roof. In 1964, out of concern for workers’ safety during inclement weather, the decision was made to abandon the rooftop pole. Instead, two poles were installed in front of the building so that the District flag could, for the first time, be added to the daily display.

In 2004, DC’s flag was rated the #1 city flag in North America (out of 150 competitors) in a survey conducted by the North American Vexillological Association.

To request a flag please click here.