Council Members of Council Period 21

Top from left to right: Council Members Vincent Orange Sr.,  Elissa Silverman, David Grosso, LaRuby May, Brianne Nadeau,
Brandon Todd, Anita Bonds, Charles Allen
Bottom from left to right: Council Members Yvette Alexander, Jack Evans, Chairman Phil Mendelson, Kenyan McDuffie, Mary Cheh
Among the rituals of the Council is the biennial “class photo.”  In January of 2015, we entered Council Period 21, however until Councilmembers Todd and May were sworn in last month, a full thirteen-member Council was not in place.  Barring unexpected circumstances, the make-up of the Council will not change until the next Council Period, which begins on January 2, 2017.  Now that the “class photo” has been taken, it will soon hang with the 20 previous class photos in the lobby of the John A. Wilson Building.