Five Years Later: The Search for the Missing Liberty Bell Continues

1950: The District of Columbia, along with each of the United States and Puerto Rico, is gifted a one-ton, actual-size replica of the Liberty Bell by the federal government, to thank our residents for helping raise Liberty Loan funds during World War II

1979: During the reconstruction of Pennsylvania Avenue, our Liberty Bell is temporarily relocated from its perch in front of the District (now: Wilson) Building. Then, it vanishes.

2017: On July 4th weekend, the Council launches a search for our missing Liberty Bell. Many useful leads and tips were generated, but none lead to the Liberty Bell.

2022: Five years later, the Council is again soliciting residents’ memories of the Liberty Bell replica, photos of the Bell, and especially any tips that may lead to the Bell’s discovery and return.

Please send any memories or photos of the Bell, as well as potential leads to its present location, to Josh Gibson at

Please note: the missing Liberty Bell is not:

  • the actual-size replica located on the steps of the Treasury Building, next to the White House
  • the double-size replica located in front of Union Station
  • the actual-size replica located in Fort Lincoln Cemetery