On MLK Day, Council Launches New Council Office of Racial Equity

The Council of the District of Columbia is excited to unveil the Council Office of Racial Equity (CORE). The Office builds on the vision set out in the “Racial Equity Achieves Results (REACH) Amendment Act of 2020,” which was unanimously approved by the Council earlier this fall. CORE’s mission is to eliminate racial disparities and achieve racial equity within the District of Columbia.

Led by Dr. Brian McClure, CORE’s purpose is to intentionally design and create tools for local officials, staff, and the local community to dismantle institutional and structural racism.

Those tools and resources are now available on the CORE website. Visit the site to learn more about why the District has chosen to lead with race, meet the CORE staff, and browse the racial equity resources available for use.

The Council is very intentional about launching CORE on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. He once said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Today, the Council is helping to bend that arc towards justice by choosing to be intentional in advancing racial equity in the District of Columbia.

For inquiries, please contact CORE@dccouncil.gov or Brian McClure, Director at bmcclure@dccouncil.gov