Committee on Business and Economic Development

The Committee on Business and Economic Development is responsible for matters concerning small and local business development policy; matters related to economic, industrial, and commercial development; the disposition of property for economic development purposes; joint jurisdiction with the Committee on Housing for New Communities; the regulation of alcoholic beverages and cannabis; public utilities; the establishment and oversight of business improvement districts (“BIDs”); matters relating to taxation and revenue for the operation of the government of the District of Columbia; industrial-revenue bonds; general-obligation bond acts and revenue anticipation notes; and the regulation of banks and banking activities, securities, and insurance, including private health insurance, but not including the Health Benefit Exchange.

Key Staff

Justin Kim
(202) 727-3888

Doni Crawford
(202) 674-6928

Daniel Sagrera

Agencies Under This Committee

  • Alcoholic Beverage and Cannabis Administration
  • Board of Accountancy
  • Board of Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture
  • Board of Barber and Cosmetology
  • Board of Consumer Claims Arbitration for the District of Columbia
  • Board of Funeral Directors
  • Board of Professional Engineering
  • Captive Insurance Agency
  • Combat Sports Commission
  • Commission on Nightlife and Culture
  • Commission to Commemorate and Recognize Charles Hamilton Houston and for His Contributions to the American Civil Rights Movement, Education, and the Legal Profession
  • Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking
  • Department of Small and Local Business Development
  • Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development
  • Destination DC
  • Innovation and Technology Inclusion Council
  • Multistate Tax Commission
  • Office of Lottery and Gaming
  • Office of Nightlife and Culture
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer (not including the Office of Budget and Planning)
  • Office of the People’s Counsel
  • Public Service Commission
  • Real Property Tax Appeals Commission for the District of Columbia
  • St. Elizabeth’s East Redevelopment Initiative Advisory Board
  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center Site Reuse Advisory Committee
  • Washington Convention and Sports Authority/Events DC