Committee on Recreation, Libraries and Youth Affairs

The Committee on Recreation, Libraries and Youth Affairs is responsible for public libraries; public parks and recreation; cable television and entertainment; matters relating to Caribbean, Latino, African, African American, and Asian and Pacific Islander affairs; and youth affairs (other than juvenile justice).

Key Staff

Kyle Yeldell
(202) 727-7903

Yukia Hugee
(202) 727-7903

Marketta Buchanan
(202) 727-7903

Agencies Under This Committee

  • Advisory Commission on Caribbean Community Affairs 
  • Commission on African Affairs
  • Commission on African American Affairs
  • Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs
  • Commission on Fathers, Men and Boys
  • Commission on Latino Community Development
  • Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services
  • Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity
  • District of Columbia Public Library System
  • District of Columbia Public Library Trust Fund
  • Juvenile Abscondence Review Committee
  • Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment
  • Office on African Affairs
  • Office on African American Affairs
  • Office on Asian and Pacific Islanders Affairs
  • Office on Latino Affairs
  • Public Access Corporation
  • Serve DC