Budget Oversight 2025

Previous Years’ Responses

 Performance Oversight & Budget Schedules

In preparation for each agency performance and budget oversight hearing, Council committees ask all government agencies a series of detailed questions about performance, employees, services, spending, and accounting practices. Agencies submit their responses in advance of the hearing so that the Council can have as much background as possible on the agency’s operations and expenditures when questioning department heads and other key witnesses. In addition, to assist the Council with reviewing, analyzing, and preparing the budget each fiscal year, the Office of the Budget Director requests that each agency provide the following:

  • Attachment I –  Contracts and Grants: Agencies enter into contracts with or issue grants to vendors, providers, and companies to execute particular supports or services.
  • Attachment II – Intra-District Funds: Intra-District Fund budget lines are used to track interagency transactions, where services are provided by one District agency on behalf of another District agency. The buying agency spends its own budget from local, federal, special purpose, or private grant funds.
  • Attachment III – Federal Grants, Payments, and Grant Lapses: Grants and payments (i.e., Congressional appropriations) that the District receives from federal agencies, including block grants, formula grants, certain entitlements, and competitive grants. The Office of the Budget Director also requests all Federal Grant amounts that lapsed (i.e., returned to the federal government due to underspending) at the end of the last completed fiscal year.
  • Attachment IV – Reprogrammings: Agencies list all reprogrammings (i.e., budget shifts) executed within their agency or between another agency over the course of the fiscal year.
  • Attachment V – Agency Budget Crosswalk: As applicable, agencies submit crosswalk documents identifying how services and budget lines have shifted from one fiscal year to the next due to changes in the organizational structure.
  • Schedule A – Position Listing: Agencies are required to provide the Council a listing of all positions (FTEs). For every position, agencies are asked to identify the title, vacancy status (vacant or filled), salary costs, fringe benefit costs, and recurring status (continuing, temporary, term).

These documents ensure that the Council has the same set of critical information from each agency necessary for completing its work on the annual budget.


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